So, where does Don live anyway?  Glad you asked----

Naklua, Thailand is just a few miles north of Pattaya, two hours drive southeast of Bangkok and a four hour drive to the Cambodian border further to the south.

To read about the area please click here .  If you look real close on the map (click on map at the bottom of the page), I live just to the left of the pier on Wong Amat Beach.

My home since July 4th 1999 has been a three bedroom/four bath (plus office) beach house overlooking Naklua Bay. 

Here are a few photos taken from the beach house:


Balcony view of Naklua Bay at sunset

Balcony view of Naklua Bay

My private beach is to the right of this teak Buddha Temple

Here are a few more photos: 

 Carmen and me aboard the 42 foot Sun Sail in Southern Thailand

Carmen sitting on a piece of the famous Vertical Wreck in the Gulf of Thailand

 Pagoda at Wat Yansangworn Vanaram

Typical Thai Buddha temple (Wat)

Small Thai wat with monks in front

 Where's Mama?  A typical family means of transportation in the region

Carmen going through her Divemaster initiation ceremony


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